Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Open letter to Amazon UK

Dear Amazon

Thankyou for letting me know that the Tefal Aquaspeed FV5260 Self Clean Continuous Steam iron, 2400 watts, that I ordered from you on Monday January 4 and paid an inflated "expedited" one-day delivery charge for won't in fact be posted until the end of the month.

I chose the expedited delivery option because I have an urgent requirement for a new iron. My original iron broke, as in it no longer works, and I need to iron my shirts for work.

So having paid my highly inflated delivery charge I had expected my item to arrive yesterday. Today at the latest. I did not expect to receive an email from yourselves TWO DAYS after purchasing this iron telling me it was out of stock. If the item was out of stock you should never have let me purchase it in the first place, and at the very least you should have informed me instantly that you would be unable to fulfil my order.

You will be delighted to know that this is not the first time you have let me down in this manner. The last time you let me down over a birthday present for a family member.

At that time I was unable to voice my disappointment to anyone other than yourselves, and you, naturally for a faceless organisation, merely disregarded the matter with a dismissive "sorry for the inconvenience."

This time, however, I am in a position to tell a few thousand people about my experience. They will hopefully in turn tell a few thousand more. And one day, when Amazon bemoans the sudden demise of its online retailing operation it might at last find it necessary to treat people with a little more consideration.

You can read this open letter to yourselves at my blog here:

Oh, and I've cancelled my order.


Graham Hutson

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