Saturday, 23 January 2010

You little Basterd

I finally got round to seeing Inglorious Basterds - a bit indulgent with the prose but a decent enough wartime caper all the same.

Can't say I would have wanted to be under Lt Aldo Raine's command though, the lunatic. All that scalping before breakfast can't do a lot of for the appetite.

Mind you, he had some of the more memorable lines, like "Baaanjower." That's bonjour if you're not from Tennessee.

And now look what's turned up. A Lt Raine you can own yourself, in Action Man-size 1/6th scale, complete with Barbie-scalping tiny hunting knife and such an uncanny resemblance that it's almost as if old Aldo himself had done a Mike TV.

That's actually a picture of it there. Scary.

I couldn't personally own such a model. If I'm brutally honest, knowing such a perfectly shrunken likeness was standing there on my shelf would scare the living daylights of me.

Even Chucky would be crapping himself.

Get one here.

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